Children's Dance & Girls Matter

Girls Matter & Kids Dance Schedule

Our mission is to offer fun, safe, challenging classes for your children to build a foundation of health and wellness that will last a lifetime. NO ENDLESS RECITALS, NO EXPENSIVE COSTUMES, NO BEING CUT FROM THE TEAM!


Erin has been teaching Zumba for four going on five years! She began teaching her sophomore year at Rowan University where she attended college. Erin had an absolute blast doing what she loves, and inspiring women at the university to find the FUN in FITNESS too! With the Zumba class selling out week after week, the staff added on another class for Erin to teach called, “Erin’s Explosion”. This class focused on toning legs, gluteus, arms, and core. Erin minored in Dance, and was the co-captain on the college dance team. She has performed in multiple shows at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank. As her full time job, Erin is also a teacher Rumson Country Day School. In the summers, she teaches private swimming lessons, coaches the Middletown swim team, and runs a synchronized swimming program. She is thrilled to be a part of the team at Fuel Fitness and is excited to have you join her party!

sessions require a minimum of 5 participants

No recitals, no costumes, no extra costs

Bringing the fun back to fitness and dance


Our highly-trained experienced adult fitness teachers including Jennifer Pawlikowski and Kathy Alter will be teaching children's fitness classes including; TRX, indoor cycling, Pilates/Barre and conditioning. Our wellness for your children will include mediataion, essential oils education, Reiki and Yoga. Whether you want off-season training or additional fitness for your child we offer it all.