Bridget Bruno - I love Jennifer.  She is a great inspiration to us all.   She  is a dedicated business owner and  fitness expert who has so much to offer. She cares  very much about her clients and wants you to be happy and well.  Her instructors are professional, fun and knowledgeable.  The  studio is very clean and so is the equipment.  Her classes are great and she offers unique classes like Paddle boarding, snow shoeing, essential oil classes, and  self-defense.  Fuel Fitness is a great place to work out!


Suzy Gilbert - "Fuel is a wonderful place! The owner, Jennifer, is so welcoming and happy to see you when you arrive. Everything you need, a clean facility, great classes, towels, a nice bathroom, etc., are there to make being at your workout as enjoyable as possible. The classes are great and varied and I love the instructors. "


Suzette Donleavy - I want to share how I have enjoyed the three classes I have taken at Fuel Fitness to date.  Immediately, I was not only welcomed but challenged realistically in accordance with "my" ride.  

As a business owner, I appreciate your hands on approach.  You go above and beyond in countless ways: from saying hello by name, adjusting bikes or just riding along side the class and sharing, with enthusiasm, your wealth of information.  That mentality resonates amongst the class.

So excited to have discovered Fuel Fitness. I am hooked!!


Lisa Luckett - "Jen Kane has brought back the neighborhood aerobics studio with Fuel Fitness!  What a pleasure to have top-shelf women’s workouts right around the corner!  The classes are a perfect mix of the latest workouts like Booty Bar, TRX and Zumba as well as revisiting the past with step or low impact aerobics, light kick-boxing and cardio-sculpt.   It has made this winter so much better to be able to get out for a great workout with a foot of snow on the ground."   

Peeka Tildesley - As a new member of Fuel Fitness I can already see results and feel 100% better! Jennifer and all of the instructors have made me feel at ease and for the first time in my life I am actually enjoying exercise! Thanks Fuel Fitness and I'll see you tomorrow!

Cathryn D - I just want to say how much Fuel fitness has made me stronger. I just held the giant crossing guard stop sign up for 10 minutes straight during our "evacuation drill" and wasn't fatigued. I even "pulsed" it for 20 second intervals to help pass the time.

Thanks Jen!!

MT - I attended a Fuel Fitness class for the first time on July 5, after hearing more than one person on July 4 say that summer was “as good as over.” Well, not for me. That was a month ago. After attending a “first class is free” spin on July 5 (so very hard! loved it!!), I joined. Searching for words to describe workouts at Fuel generally, I came up with these: rigorous and careful. Also important to know is that Fuel instructors like to teach; in addition to modeling exercise, instructors explain. So the instruction "stretch" or "lift" or "push and pull" is frequently paired with "here is why."  Rigorous, careful, teach me new things while I work? Yes, I want more! I am looking to the months ahead, to getting stronger the smart way at Fuel with Jen and her team.  

Kari Hershey - I enjoy the variety of classes at Fuel Fitness. Jennifer is a wonderful person and she runs her studio professionally. She hires experienced teachers for every class. The studio is the perfect size, it is clean and the parking is great.


Danon Robinson - I went there for a yoga class recently. Admittedly, I haven't been to many yoga classes, but this was my favorite. The instructor was wonderful, the music was perfect and the studio was great. Everyone was friendly and the staff was super helpful. I hope to get back again soon.


Kathryn Sawch - My favorite spin class, all of the instructors are so friendly and lovely. Gorgeous open air studio, and everyone contributes to a friendly supportive atmosphere that makes your workout that much more enjoyable.


Allison Blackstock - I am a total Fuel Fitness junkie - can't get enough of their awesome, effective workouts & their positive, upbeat attitudes.  Jennifer and her team are clearly dedicated to bringing us the best that fitness has to offer from a variety of workouts & motivation to wellness & nutrition.  I love being a part of this community of amazing people.  Fuel Fitness is what it looks like when women empower each other!


Catherine Caruso - Fuel is a great gym! Classes and instructors are great and it is very clean.


Julie Gilbertson - Jennifer and her team of amazing instructors have created an inviting, energetic and friendly atmosphere. I look forward to my workouts!